The Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club sponsored two students, through the Rotary Exchange Student Program, to foreign countries to study and live for a full year. They are Sarah Esty of Newport and Bailey Dunn of Poland.  Sarah will spend her year in Switzerland living with three Swiss families while attending school there. Bailey will do the same in Hungary.  Both girls engaged in intensive language studies before leaving the USA and both flew to their destinations in mid-August. 


While in the foreign country the exchange students are sponsored and assisted by a local Rotary Club of that country. Similarly, while a foreign exchange student is visiting our country they are sponsored and assisted by a local Rotary Club.


Our club is honored to sponsor responsible young students abroad to serve as ambassadors for our Country and to learn another language/culture, as well as assisting foreign exchange students to our country.  The year spent abroad in a foreign school does not count and so returning students must complete US graduation requirements.  However, they acquire an experience that money cannot buy.  We wish them a good year. Pictured below from left to right are Sara Esty and Baily Dunn