At the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club meeting on Jan 16 2018, the Kuyahoora club presented the Rotary International Certification to the newly formed Interact Club at Poland Central School (PCS). Interact Clubs are Rotary sponsored clubs for high school students to learn about Rotary and to enhance the school, local, national and international communities similar to all world-wide Rotary Clubs. The PCS Interact has 15 members. The Interact Club motto, as with all Rotary clubs, is “service above self” and as such the PCS Interact has initiated service programs to include, food collection for Veterans, and the Rotary International program of “Books for the World. Pictured Below from left to right are: Dorene Gortner (Rotary/Interact Club coordinator), Chloe Lawson (Interact Member), Baily Dunn (Interact Member), Gabrielle Stemmer (Interact Member), Deven Draper (Interact Club President) and Tom Lindsay (Rotary Club President).