The Kuyahoora Rotary Club’s selected 2015 “Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)” student (Ms. Marissa Anderson) completed her RYLA community project, Marissa’s project consisted of collecting enough used books locally to fill a shipping pallet for the Rotarian “Books for the World (BFTW)” program . Some pictures of Marissa’s project and background information on the RYLA and BFTW programs are:








Each year our Rotary Club sponsors two students - one each from West Canada Valley School and Poland Central School - to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award three-day seminar at Cazenovia College during the first weekend in July. We work with the guidance counselors at each school to select one junior who has exhibited strong personal or leadership qualities and has shown the potential to become a leader in school clubs and organizations, community activities or in an early work situation. Our club pays the registration fee for each student. These selected students will join about 35 other teenagers from Rotary clubs in Central New York at this seminar. During the seminar students will develop their personal and leadership skills in the areas of communication skills, personal qualities, leadership and problem-solving strategies through a variety of recreational and team-building activities. In addition, keynote speakers from various professions and industries take time to address the students on issues which are particularly relevant to the development of strong personal and leadership qualities. Typical topics presented are: growth and development of self-esteem, personal development, stress and self-management, personal motivation, time management and goal setting. These topics are covered in lectures, workshops, discussion groups and videos. Upon their return from the seminar, the students are required to present a program at a future Rotary Club meeting and to plan and complete a project which would be beneficial to one of our communities.



 CNY Books for the World, Inc. provides general book types and descriptions, packing specifications and delivery information to a central marshaling warehouse to the Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club purchases from CNY BFTW, at cost, all the required packaging materials, organizes and manages the project up the pick up of the books from their project location, and supports cost of transportation from their site to The Second Wind Foundation in LaPorte, Texas.

At the CNY BFTW central warehouse, pallets of books are weighed, and stored until there is sufficient numbers for a shipment to Rotary Books for the World (The Second Wind Foundation) in LaPorte. The pallets of books from all USA Rotarian collection centers are co-mingled, containerized and sent to third world Rotarian managed distribution centers.